Motorcycle Accident Case Results

Our office had a client who sustained severe injuries, including a punctured lung, a brain injury, and numerous fractures, from a serious motorcycle crash on a rural highway. The client was airlifted to the hospital by STARS Air Ambulance after the accident and was in care facilities and the hospital for more than two months. She also had to undergo surgery. Our team pushed the claim to mediation and received a settlement of $573,000.00.

The operator lost control of the motorcycle while making the illegal U-turn, and the motorcycle dropped on its left side, which resulted in breaking the lower portion of our client’s left leg. Our law firm took the case against the operator, and our client received $200,000.00 in settlement.

Our client was injured in a hit-and-run motorcycle/motor vehicle crash. As a result, she suffered from chronic pain and has been unable to return to work due to her physical impairments. Our office commenced a claim against the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund, and we were able to obtain a settlement for the statutory maximum amount – $200,000 plus costs and disbursements – for a total settlement of $221,142.77.

Our law firm represented a motorcyclist who suffered multiple fractures, a catastrophic brain injury, and other severe and severe injuries in a hit-and-run accident. The client was hospitalized and was unable to work. The individual who caused the accident was never identified. We also advanced a claim on behalf of their spouse. Our law firm represented the motorcyclist and settled for a motorbike injury compensation of more than $530,000.00.

Our client was riding his motorcycle home from lunch and was going through an intersection with a green light when the driver of a car going the other way did not see our client made an unsafe left hand turn and struck his motorcycle. As a result of this motorcycle crash our client suffered multiple broken bones and missed time from work. The other insurance company denied responsibility for causing this crash. Our office litigated this case and set it down for trial. This case settled after mediation and one week before the start of trial for $790,000.00.