Motorcycle Accident Successes

Our office was contacted by a client who had sustained severe injuries, including numerous fractures, a punctured lung and a brain injury following a serious motorcycle crash on a rural highway. The client had to be airlifted by STARS Air Ambulance following the crash and was in hospital and care facilities for over two months and required surgery to address some of her injuries. Our office pushed the claim all the way to mediation and obtained a settlement of $573,000.00.

The client was riding as a back passenger on a motorcycle when the operator of the motorcycle did an illegal U-turn after missing a turn off to get onto the highway. While making the illegal U-turn the motorcycle hit some pea gravel which resulted in the operator losing control of the motorcycle, dropping it on it’s left side and consequently landing on and breaking the lower portion of our clients left leg. Grover Law Firm took on the case against the operator of the motorcycle and settled it for $200,000.00.