Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Accidents are the last thing any motorcycle rider wants to consider while out on the open road. Nevertheless, what might begin as a liberating day on the open road could end in a terrible accident that causes severe injuries to riders and even death. It’s crucial to understand the risk factors so that you can do your best to prevent getting into this risky position.

You can improve your skills as a rider by learning what causes motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle Accidents Statistics

Based on American National Highway Traffic Safety Institute data, around 80% of all reported motorcycle accidents result in death or injury, compared to only 20% of accidents involving other vehicles. Similarly, it was discovered that motorcycle riders were 27 times more likely to die in an accident, with nearly 5000 riders losing their lives annually in the US alone.

Despite the dangers of motorcycling, the number of fatalities and injuries can be decreased by practicing safe riding techniques like wearing a helmet. Here you can learn about and hopefully avoid the common types of motorcycle accidents. Plus, you can understand how to get reimbursed for accident-related losses with the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer near you.

1. Speeding

There is a risk of losing control and colliding while driving a car, truck, or motorcycle faster than the posted speed limit or at a pace that is unsafe for the weather or road conditions. High-speed automobiles and motorcycles are more difficult to control safely and require more time to brake.

2. Left-Turning Trucks And Cars

Motorcycle riders face a major threat from vehicles turning left, and not just because they might turn into their path. If the driver of a car making a left turn does not see the motorcycle passing it on the left, the motorcycle rider may also be in danger of being struck. The best way for motorcycle riders to guard against the dangers posed by left-turning automobiles is to be aware of them and try to predict what they could do. Thus, you need to stay constantly alert when driving a motorcycle.

3. Vehicles Changing Lanes

The majority of vehicles and trucks on the road have blind zones on both sides, allowing drivers to change lanes without seeing a motorcycle and collide with it. By being aware of their blind zones and steering clear of them, motorcycle riders can lessen the chance of being involved in an accident with a lane-changing vehicle.

4. Driver Impairment

A motorcycle demands concentration and involvement to operate. There is no “autopilot” for riders, and it might be hazardous to allow one’s mind to wander or daydream. Riders who are emotionally distraught, weary or drowsy, angry, or lost in contemplation are more prone to losing focus, distractions, and dangerous attitudes that might result in an accident or contribute to one.

5. Lane Spitting

Lane splitting is the practice of motorcycle riders who try to gain ground by riding between lanes of stationary or slow-moving traffic. The risk of doing this is that other drivers may relocate their cars into the motorcycle’s path since they did not anticipate a motorcycle coming up on them in that way.

A motorcycle rider is put in a vulnerable position and faces an increased danger of colliding with other vehicles when they split lanes to save time. Remember that motorists won’t be watching out for motorcycles and won’t expect them to be in their lane.

How Are Motorcycle Accidents Different?

First of all, the intrinsic nature of the motorcycle makes the rider more exposed and vulnerable in an accident than a person in a passenger vehicle, even while it offers freedom and openness.

A motorcycle’s ability to move ahead depends on two tiny points: traction, balance, and forward motion. If you take any of those away, a major motorcycle accident is guaranteed. The motorcycle and its rider are easily concealed from view in other vehicles’ blind spots because of their reduced weight and mass. However, without the additional safety features found in passenger cars, such as seatbelts, airbags, and hefty metal frames, the rider is far more at risk in the event of an accident.

Overall, there are no minor accidents when it comes to motorcycle accidents; because even the smallest of incidents can cause serious injuries.

Look Out For A Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

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