Ashlee Taylor

Ashlee founded an organization in 2012 made to support injured motorcyclists and their families. The organization, called One Broken Biker, was created following her father’s severe and life-altering motorcycle accident that induced financial and emotional stress for her family.

Ashlee and Steve Grover first met in 2015 at an event being held by One Broken Biker. She soon realized that Steve was also invested in supporting motorcyclists. Since Steve understands the legal system and how to communicate with insurance companies, he can aid injured motorcyclists in receiving the compensation they deserve. He goes above and beyond to help riders and their families. He has also earned the title of the top “Diamond Sponsor” at One Broken Biker.

In 2018, Ashlee started began as a Marketing Coordinator for Grover Law Firm.

Outside the firm, Ashlee enjoys traveling, socializing with family and friends, downtime with her friends, watching movies, and spending much of her time riding her motorcycle.