Who is at Fault in a Motorcycle Accident?

Who is at Fault in a Motorcycle Accident?

If you ride a motorcycle, then you are likely to be very cautious when you are on the road, despite society’s view that riders are danger seekers who get off on taking unnecessary risks. As a result, it can be challenging for motorcyclists to get the compensation they deserve after being involved in accidents that are not their fault. There are no-fault benefits for cyclists who are at fault in the case of an accident, but what about accidents where the driver of the other vehicle caused the crash? In this situation, you will need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Calgary to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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How to Prove Fault in an Accident

It is not enough to simply state that the other driver was at fault. You must also be able to provide evidence and testimony to support this claim. When you hire a motorcycle injury lawyer, the will take the following steps to determine who is at fault for the accident:

#1 Searching the Scene

The site of the accident can tell people a lot about what occurred in the moments leading up to the incident and the aftermath. We will work with you to document key details such as:

  • The placement of road signs
  • The timing and positioning of traffic lights
  • The layout of the road
  • Damage to the curbs and skid marks


#2 Inspecting the Vehicles

It is important to inspect the extent and nature of the damage to your motorcycle and the other vehicles involved. This will provide key information about the way the accident occurred and help determine who is liable.

#3 Interviewing Witnesses

Most accident claims result in a stalemate because each driver blames the other. For this reason, it is helpful to get eyewitnesses to give testimony that can help establish who was truly at fault.

#4 Investigating Driver Actions

In a motorcycle accident claim, the other driver must be found to be at fault for your to get fair compensation for your injuries. Because of this, determining what the driver of the other vehicle did during the accident is vital for proving your case.

Our motorcycle accident lawyer near you will have an in-depth conversation with you about what you remember seeing the other driver do before they hit you. They will work with you to find signs of negligence, such as:

  • Erratic driving
  • Drifting into other lanes
  • Speeding
  • Honking
  • Disobeying traffic signals


#5 Determining if Other Parties Are Involved

In some accidents, the fault may be shared by several parties. For instance, in the event that a car has defected, the manufacturer of the vehicle may be found to be partially at fault. Or, if you are injured in an accident with a commercial truck driver, the driver’s employer could be partially at fault due to negligent supervision of its workers.

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