Carli Sylvestre

carli sylvestre

Carli attended law school at the Bond University, graduating in 2020 with First Class Honours. Prior to law school Carli graduated from the University of Calgary, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Media Studies.

During her law degree, Carli undertook an Independent Study in Law which resulted in a Post Graduate Minor Thesis in International Emissions Trading. That, in combination with several courses, earned Carli a dual specialization in Corporate and Commercial Law and Practice and International Business and Finance Law. While she was a law student, Carli joined a work experience program with ABA Legal Group to further her knowledge in International Tax Law as well as a Criminal Law internship to assist on pro bono criminal appeals. Carli was also a member of the Canadian Law Students Association.

Outside of work, Carli is an avid scuba diver, hiker, and snowboarder, and also enjoys fishing, hunting, and travelling.